The function of design is letting design function

Micha Commeren



DeVast has an approach to architectural design. Combining the idioms of its aesthetic code with the basic guidelines and rules of architecture, it is able to shape indoor and outdoor spaces, according to the style and needs required. More specifically, the services include the interior design and decoration, addressed to hotel units, businesses, shops and individuals. Respectively, it can deliver a complete package of creative exterior design proposals, for buildings, facades and outdoor spaces.


Industrial Design is the process of designing and evolving ideas for products and objects, which improves their function and aesthetics, with the aim of equal benefit for the manufacturer and the user. DeVast undertakes the design of new products, creating both design and functional innovations. It can also help optimize an existing product by further developing its properties. Apart from industrial design – product design, furniture design is also part of the creative range. Furniture evolves both in aesthetic and functional level while at the same time it can be precisely adapted to the needs of each customer. A key part of industrial design is prototyping. It is essentially the next step after 3D modeling (CAD). Using modern technologies, such as 3D printing, DeVast undertakes to create a real model, a prototype of the new product, in order to be examined and analyzed technically.



The philosophy of DeVast is the holistic approach of each new project where in connection with the new ideas and their design, it creates a single and compact composition of the brand image.
Therefore, it can create the digital and printed corporate identity of a company, which includes the design of the logo, the website, and even the design of an exhibition stand in order to enhance the presence of a brand. Services include, marketing strategy, social media management, SEO study as well as campaign creation, actions that shape and highlight what a brand stands for.



In addition to the creative services offered by DeVast, the provision of consulting and project management services is also included. Briefly, project management is the administration of a project either from the first stages of design up to its final implementation or supportive to an existing plan. More specifically, it can undertake the strategic planning of a project (strategy plans), from the management of financial data (budgeting & billing), the general monitoring and supervision of the works until the delivery of the project, observing the optimal financial and aesthetics project outcome.



3D modeling is the cornerstone between the initial conception of a new idea and its final construction. DeVast is able to visualize an original model in 3D, designing it in scale and proportion, as well as rendering photorealistically. Finally, the possibility of analysis by the finite element method (CAE) is provided, in order to find and modify possible points where the construction may be weak, the examination of the materials strength or the examination of its mechanical properties according to certain conditions.



An R&D department is responsible for the development, organization and implementation of research, in order to improve all phases of functionality or also the construction of a product. As an external partner, DeVast can contribute to the research and development of a company’s products. By exploring modern media and conducting design studies, the process can yield new creative proposals or innovative solutions to potential problems. It can also conduct commercial success research and provide consulting services in order to optimize an idea or a product.